🛠️ maker updates

Marc Köhlbrugge launched Startup.Jobs, a job board showcasing all startup jobs in a single place.
RemoteML achieved a milestone ... reached 800 members
Tettra achieved a milestone ... launched v2.0
Moe Amaya launched Service List, a curated directory of companies offering unlimited services for a monthly fee.
Daniel Kempe launched Twogger, a simple way to manage multiple Twitter threads.
Zapier got featured in an article, "Reckon grows with Zapier link" (theaustralian.com.au).
Pat Walls published a blog post, "Full Time Job And Full Time Side Project: How I Stay Productive", featuring the project Starter Story (starterstory.com).
Razvan Ilin and Kate Belakova launched Chart Brew, allows makers to connect their database or API to visualize the data in a few simple steps.
Guillaume Torche, Alex Wang, and Mario Lazaro launched Jam Hunt, a website that helps you generate a Spotify playlist of artists that are performing in your city this weekend, with one click.
Sridhar Rajendran launched Microcopy Inspirations, a website featuring curated examples of good microcopy on websites and apps.
Ferruccio Balestreri launched Klipped.in, a website that allows you to copy and paste your clipboard and share it across your devices.
Jordan Walker and Justin Mitchell launched Nike Ad Generator, a website that allows you to create your own Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad.
Ryan Kulp launched Startup Wagers, an investor free community for making real, friendly wagers about startup outcomes.
Tristan Homsi and Daniel Doyon launched Readwise, a service that sends you a daily email resurfacing your best highlights from Kindle, Instapaper, iBooks, and more.
Kawshar Ahmed launched WP Page Builder, a free, fast and intuitive WordPress page builder.
Aidan Wolf, Lucas Rizzotto, Kevando, and Vova Kurbatov launched Blue Sky Paint, a social augmented reality app that lets you draw on the sky.
Andrew Kortina and Samuel W. Lessin launched NotaBene, an app that allows you to quickly email a note to yourself, your assistant, or anyone.
Sep 4
Riley Walz got featured in an article, "Riley Walz - Featured Maker" (enlight.nyc).
Brett Shepherd and Brandon Shepherd launched Color Leap, a collection of 180 color palettes that showcase colors used throughout 12 distinct eras in history.
Mike Coutermarsh and Jeff Needles launched HTML/CSS to Image API, a simple API to turn your HTML and CSS into shareable images.
KanbanMail achieved a milestone ... added column counts
KanbanMail achieved a milestone ... added dark mode
Leon Roy launched brring, hassle-free conference calling for businesses.
Isaac González launched RemoteList, a curated directory of remote job boards.
Lolli got featured in an article, "Lolli launches to give you free Bitcoin while you shop" (techcrunch.com).
Alex Adelman launched Lolli, automatically gives you free bitcoin when you shop online at 500+ top retailers.
Ghost achieved a milestone ... released Ghost 2.0
Corey Gwin launched Blurt, a writing tool optimized for productivity and focus.
Peter Jenkins and Mike Pogolsha launched HoverSignal, an interactive notifications constructor for websites.
Avatoon got featured in an article, "Avatoon" (veed.io).
Filip Nedelkovski, Nadica Pankovska, Ivana Karalieva, and Dimitar Najdenov launched PixFood, take a photo of any ingredient you want to cook with and instantly get tasty recipe suggestions.